I don't need to seek approval outside of me,

When Christ Lives Inside of Me

Written before "Flipping It ~ Christ's Power Within"


What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?   Mark 8:36   

One of the ways that a soul can become confused, compromised, and oppressed,  is through seeking approval and belonging in the world of  legalistic religion. Trying to gain a sense of  belonging there is costly, and means swapping  your soul's peace in God,  for guilt laden duty and performance - putting on a false outer image to meet the man made religious conditions that are expected. The fear of not being good enough or fitting in, can rob the soul of all peace and confidence.  This is a very lonely place, even though the room is filled with people.

BUT, Knowing Who Jesus Truly Is, and Coming Away with Him to listen to His Voice, and Rest in His Spirit means that I am truly never alone... and that means that I don't have to fit into their world.  His Spirit is the Validation and Confidence my soul needs, seeks and now has - Already and Always Given to me deep within my heart, where it never can be taken away.

We never have to perform for Jesus to receive His Eternal Love and Acceptance.  It is Unconditionally Given.  He calls us in such gentle whispers that only our souls can hear, but the world cannot. 

When we come away with Him, and leave the world behind to truly seek God' Spirit, we come to deeply remember that God is Love, and that we are Of  His Love and Of  His Spirit.  This is where we Belong.     We recognize Jesus' Unconditional Love, Freedom, Peace, Completeness, and Simplicity as the Timeless Treasures our souls have always been searching for, but also have always Known, deep down Inside. 


When we Know Who Jesus Truly Is, nothing can keep us from Coming to Him and Being in His Love - not even man's religiosity about Jesus.  It may be about Him, but it is not of Him.  Religion complicates, manipulates and obscures the essential, core message of Christ's Unconditional Love -  And how it is the very Key to completely freeing our souls from the crushing conditions of this world - many of which are religious conditions

 “What sorrow awaits you experts in religious law! For you remove the key to knowledge from the people. You don’t enter the Kingdom yourselves, and you prevent others from entering.” Luke 11:52 

Leave them alone; they are blind guides of the blind. And if a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit” Matthew 15:14


Religion is man's attempt to understand, and proclaim God's truth and order, without Knowing God's Spirit of Love - imposing their conditions for "right standing" with God upon people.  Religion uses guilt inducing tactics to force "quick fix" external results - creating a Pharisaical culture, (motivated by duty, obligation and appearance) in which only the religiously fit seem to survive.  I don't want that loveless world of survival of the fittest.  I want Christ's Reality of  Eternal Love where the last will be first, and Belovedness is the motivation. 


When we Come Away to Rest in His Unconditional Love,  the heavy weight of religious and worldly perfectionism begins to fall away and we are restored to the child-like confidence of knowing that we are worthy of Being Loved just as we are, because He Loves us, and because we are His Children.  Knowing that we are Loved releases us, so that we can Freely Breathe In God's Spirit.  He truly takes us on an inner journey that transforms our hearts and minds.  And we come to Know the Heart and Mind of God more and more, because The Spirit is living and working inside of us.  Religion fails to bring about what Relationship so effortlessly reveals.  Who can desire religion, when they have Christ's Love! 

Abiding takes care of obeying.

Contemplating and internalizing Christ's Grace and Unconditional Love fulfills the Law.  

And fulfillment in Love, takes care of sacrifice.

If we try to obey outside of Abiding - it's forced.    If we try to follow the Law outside of Grace and Love -   it's forced.   And if we try to sacrifice anything outside of Living in Love – it is forced. 


When something is forced, it cannot be authentic.

Then the person who is living under this religious belief of force, blindly projects that belief onto God and others - building up more and more, the false belief that God is a god of force.  

​God is Love, and Perfect Love casts out fear.

 The way of force is the world's way,  and religion's way - not Christ's way.    Jesus is Love, and He gives us  a bridge so that we can learn to trust His Love, more and more.  The more we let His Love in, the more Perfect Love can cast out our fear.   And the more Perfect Love casts out fear, the more we Want to let His Love in.

You are the journey's Bridge and  You are the journey's End.  

There is nothing to fear when I am with You.

You show me Paradise here Within. 

You show me Paradise that Is, and Is to Come. 

Pure Radiance that shines on all things;

no shadow can remain. 

So- You gave Yourself to me as a Bridge,

to help me learn to See through Your Eyes;

to help me release all my shadows 

through Perfect Love's unforced rhythms of grace. 

 I am glad now, to hold onto nothing but You. 

And join, even here,

the angel's song -

singing of Perfect Love in Your Presence ~

Inside and Out, Now and Eternally...

We Are One. 

You in me, and I in You.