Jesus is teaching me to take Care of myself as He has taken Care of me - And to Love myself as He Loves me.  He wants me to Love myself with this Courageous Love, because it is the very Strength I need to keep myself  from ever falling back into the trap of my past.

Forgiveness never means forcing yourself to trust untrustworthy people and situations, by entering back into "relationship" on their terms - thinking that it's your responsibility to turn it into a trustworthy situation. 


That kind of "forgiveness" will pull you right back into the trap of co-dependency - hopelessly hoping that what you have to give will be received - letting their lack of reception wear you down until you once again, forget to love yourself as Christ Loves you. 


Don't take their lack of love onto yourself and make it personal. Nothing good can come from it.  It can only tempt you to forget your fullness in Christ and deceive you back into thinking that you need their approval.


No, in these types of situations, forgiveness means mourning their painful lack of love, so that in Loves strength,  you can let them go, and give it over to God ~ to move forward in the peace and clarity of Christ's Higher Love.

When this is the way that God calls you to forgive, it's probably because its not between you and them anyways, it's between them and God.