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It is hard to overcome religious shaming.  Religious manipulations have been so institutionalized from generation to generation throughout time that they are widely accepted as truth.  We really need to Come Away on our own to allow ourselves to awaken to the True Spirit of Jesus within us and embracing us.  And awaken to our True Spiritual Selves Who are free from man made religious shaming.

For me, religious abuse has been the hardest to overcome because it tries to tear down and oppress our Spirit by falsely using the name of Jesus to do it.  If we have been abused in other ways, our Spirit is all we have left.  No one can take that. Right.  But that is the target of religious shaming ~ degrading our Spirit into nothing, and using their own fearful versions of God to do it.  


In the religious world, Christian Pharisees have tried to turn the Spirit of Christ into a religious system that they can control and use to dominate others. They scapegoat their own fear of separation from God onto innocent children. And they offload oppressive theology onto other adults in order to fearfully maintain their positions of authority over them.  But their authority is false and their religious and social manipulations are a lie. Their world is a fearful illusion masked in an appearance of holiness.

Instead of being honest about harmful mistakes they have made in the past, they try to cover them up with a false holiness.  Then they scapegoat the ones that they have harmed to try and preserve their appearance of innocence.  They could come to true innocence if they took the time to look inside themselves and mourn and be honest.  I believe that inside they are scared little boys who have been given an upper hand in male dominant religious institutions. These so called churches give these men an irresistible opportunity/temptation to look good on the outside without having to first be truly changed on the inside.

They can become like competitive business men climbing to the top of the corporate ladder. They will do anything to gain and keep power within the man made system they know and love.  But, unlike the business man, Pharisees justify their status earnings in the name of God.  They are not just wolves, but wolves in deceptive sheep's clothing.

When We Know Our Eternal Wholeness, they cannot prey on us and tear us down into believing lies about ourselves.

His Spirit gives our Spirits courage to question the things that need to be questioned within manipulated religion, so that we can gently return to the Spirit's Sanity within us and walk away from that culture of chronic shame.

Leave them alone!  They are blind guides.
And if the blind lead the blind, both will fall into a pit.” ~ Jesus

Matt 15:14

In Your Love and Light I can remain Whole. 
And in My Wholeness, I can shine My Light.
My Spirit lacks nothing
because Your SPIRIT lacks nothing. 
I Am Eternally Whole Within Your Infinite All. 

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