This is a story of my  ripening remembrance

Remembering a Ripeness that was never delayed.

Forgiving what ripens in tomorrow's tomorrow

Is to be picked from time's tree by the Hands of Today.

Here I accept that You never forgot;

Here You accept that I never delayed

To Be Ever -Ripe ,  My True growing begins

No beginning or end in the Ever - New Way.


         free verse and rhyming poems        


You Speak so silently...

As if no one can hear

The Words You use are Careful

Shattering time's prison

with Unimaginable Intimacy

How do I describe Your Kindness with words

When the sounds this world lives by

Are too harsh

For Your Love

You are a Silence that Produces

It's Own Sound.

You Speak in Pictures

Of Perfect Love.

Your Voice of Heaven

Rings True to the Earth,

But who can Hear You...

The exhausted Child

Who needs Home 

More that anything else.



There is a Place

deep and secure Within me~

A Place that the world cannot find.

But, You~ Are Already Here.

And You~ Always have Been Here.


Patiently Knowing me.

Intimately Desiring me to Know You

As You Know Me.

You have Called me to seek Your Face,

So that I may Know You...

So that I may Know Myself.

I have made this Place my Temple, only for You.

Only to find, that You Made it First, for me.

You have Awoken me to Be

Your Beloved That I  Eternally Am.

Now, I Choose with Whole Heart and Mind

To Dwell In Your Holy Consciousness.

Your Completeness, You share with me as my Own.


Now, I forgive my own survival consciousness

that I have come to know in this world.

A consciousness of lack, 

desperately fighting for some worth.

But, You have awoken me

to the Worth of Christ's Consciousness.

 You have Irrevocably Planted

Your Worth Within my Heart's Temple,

So I may Recall and Know 

God's Gift of Eternal Worth for me,

 Here and Now, in this world.



Blessed is the beloved

Who Knows She Is Beloved.


And can Laugh

With Heaven On Earth

at what the pharisees try to say.


She Is Awake.

And She Joyfully Chooses

To Be Home 

In Christ's Innocence

Eternally, Today



What you thought you've seen as life

You've given all away

Crack open your heart

Unleash your mind

And with grace receive the Day.

There's only One Day

There's always One Life

So safe from a fragmented life

Stop playing death's day again and again

Thinking you'll get it right.

There's only One Day

There's always One Life

Free from the cage you repeat

No more reaching to roll a pair of dice when

Paradise is still at your feet!




In Your Spirit of One

I will Dwell.

You in me, and I in You.

I will Dwell in Your Knowledge of One.

And Rest in the Being

of Your One Perfect Love.

Your Divine Heart Knowledge 

that You want me to Ingest as my Own.

Here is my Armor.

That keeps me from putting my faith

into the dualistic illusion of this world.

I will never split again,

Because I Remember You, in me,

And My True Self in You.

You, My One Source,

Are My One Continuous Life

that lacks nothing.


Be still with me, Love ~ and don't make a sound

And behold your half - flight footed fast to My Ground

Planting your roots to at last drink within

Genuine nourishment - letting true flight begin

True wine will pulse through you and settle your soul

Heaven's passion plays fully making clay and crown whole

Be still with Me, Love ~ Here as you are

And no madness of mind can throw your heart far

Outside of the Temple ~ where contrasts arise

Be still with me now ~ let them pass by your eyes

For nothing is nothing

When all is returned

To the Given Foundation

By the Flame Our Heart burns

Anxious flickering will steady

to Light Constant and True

When your still with me Love

I can share this with you




Keep at a glance, this world's feverish clasp

Too much in it's strain allures thought to chance

Where wicked wars race to measure its time

Thou art filled not by chance, but a Heart-scape so fine

Let go the world's  fever

To a Lifetime Complete

Where conjuring the variable

Is obsolete

Do not be compelled to steady the wary

Do not be challenged to master it's  time

Don't twist at a glance - even there it seems real...

Real Happiness lies in what's  Already Mine.



Remember to cherish in The Light what Is Done,

Before the shadow is undone.

The Light is All.  

It is not the shadow of things

that inhabits the space human eyes see. 

It is God's One Light -

and there is no space in between God and you.  

 Christ's Spirit fills the Room.



The more I breathe in Your Spirit, the more I grow near

The Home I remember, and Heaven comes Here

It settles within me, restoring my deepest soul

Home’s already in me as I journey Home


  from: "From Within" Lyrics to Unrecorded Songs 

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