The institutionalized mind-set that happens because of Religious fear ( of failure and punishment ), is more harmful, in more ways than I can accurately express.  It was a disease in my family of origin - creating a hierarchy - a pecking order that used false guilt and punishment to keep the "lesser than" in bondage.  It is a disease in this world - and very prominently in religions that use pressure or force to gain and keep their false power.  Our history is full of it.  We witness it every day.


The disease of this fear and oppression, and the self - denial of it,  is the reason why some victims of shaming, then become the perpetrators in it.  Shaming others "below them" is the easy way for them to off-load onto others, the guilt that had been off-loaded onto them.  Instead of mourning the shaming that had been done to them as children, they try to overcome this fear by climbing to the top of the religious ladder.   


Shaming and abuse then has the power of  "righteousness" behind it.   Their dark illusion can make them feel justified in their religious punishment towards others, and they don't have to look at any of the harm that they have done.  They scapegoat children, and all those who they have marginalized, and then push them away so they don't have to look upon their own sins anymore.  My father and my brother don't want to look upon me for who I truly am, because I remind them of their own shame that they put on me.  Both are long time leaders in their churches.  They are in positions of power.  I believe that upholding their images in the church is more attractive to them than looking at the truth.  

Not all, but too many churches are like clubs in which the elites maintain their rule by dishing out their verdicts upon others through silent, or not so silent religious shaming.  They use Jesus as a cover up for their projection onto others. The fear of religious failure and punishment that shamed them in their childhood, now benefits their adult egos, to the point that they have forgotten Who they Truly are.