Jesus is teaching me to take Care of myself as He has taken Care of me - And to Love myself as He Loves me.  On the contrary, legalistic religion, has taught me that it is selfish, arrogant, and wrong to Love myself,  because it believes all self  is sinful. This is a deep shaming tactic that is used to keep people under religious control.  If people loose their ability to love themselves in God's Love, then they can be more easily manipulated and molded within a religious framework. 
That was my history with the controlling and abusive religious men in my family of origin. Through them and the legalistic mindset of the institution I let them recruit me back into - religion soon became my greatest obstacle to trusting and knowing that God is Love.

Religion tried to keep me in false guilt. Guilt is all it knows.  It cannot see us for Who We Truly Are, because it doesn't truly know Love.  It took many intimate encounters with Jesus' Spirit coming to me to Help me Know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that He is Perfect, Open Arms, Unconditional Love that sets us Free from the false power of religion.  And all that we do need to authentically confess in our hearts, He leads us to, through that Same Perfect Love, Clarity, and Realization that only He can give.
Religion is a shadow of the truth.  It is an ever darkening box that no one truly belongs in.  Jesus got rid of the veil once and for all, but religion tries to put it back up.  Jesus is the One who told me that I don't need to seek approval outside of me, when Christ Lives inside of me.  I will never be fooled into giving them power again. In Christ's Confidence that is unthinkable.  To do that is like Spiritual suicide - drowning out and belittling my True Self in Christ,  just to fit into their box.​

 Jesus has always shown me that He wants me to Know my True Self and Love my True Self as He Knows and Loves Me.  Our True Selves are Of His Eternal Light and Love.  He wants us to Love Our Selves as He Loves Us so that we never abandon the Child of God that we are, ever again. 
I will never give up my soul to the religious institution of legalistic "Christianity"  ever again, or to anything else for that matter.  My soul is too Precious.  I choose with all Consciousness to Stay Eternally Free and Safe in Jesus' Eternal Love and Spirit. I entrust Him with my  soul.  He makes His Spiritual Home in me, and He guides me forward more and more into Being at Home in God's Spirit.


I was not Called to fit into a man - made box,

but to Know Freedom in Christ's Infinite Love!



The fear of man brings a snare,
But whoever trusts in the Lord

shall be safe and set on high.  

Proverbs 29:25



You have Made me to Be

Your unconventional Child 

within a blindly conventional religious system.

And I am so Glad...  

 Because, You Are The Unconventional,

Unconditional, and Righteously Wild Love, 

that Cannot be tamed

by the systems of this world.   

And You would not let me be caged,

 and tamed by them either.    

Here, In Your Loving Kindness, 

 I know that I Belong With You

Among God's Wildflowers!