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 My Eternal Child, You have always been My Beloved. 

We are not separate.   I have made sure of that.

No good parent sees their own precious child and says,

"You are not worthy of my love." 

And  I Am Your Eternal Parent. 

Your Source of  Lasting Goodness.


Because I Am Your Beloved Eternal Source,

and You Are My Beloved Eternal Child,

You are worthy of all My Love, all the time.

Nothing in this world can ever

take that away from You.


This Unconditional Love I Give,

when truly Received,

Is My Spirit's Knowledge in You,

and gently Reminds You of

Your Eternal Worth In My Love.


Oh How I want You

to Know Your Eternal Worth.

 It Is the Very Knowledge that guards You

from Within,  from the lies of your past,

and any deceptions that you may still encounter.


It not only keeps You abiding

in Our Eternal Wholeness,  but also 

keeps You from falling for any counterfeits ever again.

"I give you Rest from the world,

and from the world of man- made religion."

Beloved Jesus,     

Your LovingKindness

Is Better than life.

(Psalm 63:3)

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​​You Speak so silently...

As if no one can hear

The Words You use are Careful

and Fundamentally Kind ~

Shattering every prison

with Unimaginable Intimacy

How do I describe Your Kindness with words

When the sounds this world lives by

Are too harsh

For Your Love

You are a Silence that Produces

It's Own Sound.

You Speak in Pictures

Of Perfect Love.

Your Voice of Heaven

Rings True to the Earth,

But who can Hear You...

The exhausted Child

Who needs Home 

More that anything else.



There is a Place, deep and secure Within me~

A Place that the world cannot find.

But, You~ Are Already Here.

And You~ Always have Been Here.

Here, I Do Know You.

And Here, I Do Know Myself.


I Am The Eternal I Am's Beloved.

I Am The Eternal I Am's

Precious Thought,

Restored to Eternal Love and Life.




What you thought you've seen as life

You've given all away

Cracked open your heart

Unleashed your mind

And with grace received the Day.

There's only One Day

There's always One Life

So safe from a fragmented life

Stop playing death's day again and again

Thinking you'll get it right.

There's only One Day

There's always One Life

Free from the cage you repeat

No more reaching to roll a pair of dice when

Paradise is still at your feet!



Blessed is the beloved

Who Knows She Is Beloved.


And can Laugh

With Heaven On Earth

at what the pharisees try to say.


She Is Awake.

And She Joyfully Chooses

To Be Home 

In Christ Innocence

Eternally, Today



In Your Spirit of One

I will Dwell.

You in me, and I in You.

I will Dwell in Your Knowledge of One.

And Rest in the Being

of Your One Perfect Love.

Your Divine Heart Knowledge 

that You want me to Ingest as my Own.

Here is my Armor.

That keeps me from putting my faith

into the illusion of my separation from You.

Your Changeless Love Is With Me.

Teaching me and Reminding Me 

that The Love I have in You,

can Never be lost

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